What do we do?

Responding to the Needs of Individuals and Making Change within Our Local Community

HOMETRUTHS supports anyone from the age of 16 who is experiencing or has experienced domestic Sarah and Kim Handsviolence and abuse, including stalking and harassment, living in Swindon and Wiltshire.  Our services are free to anyone needing support or information and our groups are free to attend as well.  We are a confidential organisation and work within the structure of our Confidentiality Policy that is available for anyone to see if you need reassurance about this.

At HOMETRUTHS we do not judge and we understand your experience.  We know how difficult it is to speak out about what is happening and how scared people are who experience domestic abuse.  We know how embarrassed and confused you can feel and that you may feel you are to blame or that you are responsible for what has been or is happening.  We also know that it effects people for a long time even after the relationship has ended and that for many people the abuse doesn't stop when the relationship ends. 

We do not have contact with perpatrators of domestic abuse our support and services are entirely for survivors and victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We can offer you support, information and safety planning to help you make the right choices for yourself and your children if you have any.  We work with other agencies and can link you in with services that can help such as: solicitors, housing services, financial and benefit advisors, counsellors, domestic abuse unit, refuges, courts and children's centres.  We support people who are still in abusive relationships as well as those who are no longer with their abusive partner, whether this is following a recent separation or if you find you are still affected many years later.

We support you in making the right decisions for you.  If you are experiencing domestic violence and abuse you can contact us by phone, text or email.  You can ask a friend, family member or a professional you work with to contact us for you and we can ring you back.

We welcome referrals from professionals and agencies working with survivors of domestic abuse.

HOMETRUTHS supports people experiencing domestic abuse on a one to one basis as well as running groups for survivors of domestic abuse. We have specialist Independent Domestic Violence Advocates who can help keep people safe.

Channel 4 News approached HOMETRUTHS to help them with the making of a report about the effect of DVPN (Go Orders) being piloted in Wiltshire.  HOMETRUTHS' ex-service user Katy, decided to waive her anonymity in sharing her experience of domestic violence when she was interviewed by Channel 4's Andy Davies. 

Watch her interview here:

HOMETRUTHS facilitates TEARS Survivors' Forum, which provides survivors of domestic abuse with an opportunity of having a voice and contributing to change within our local community and more generally within society.  A mission of HOMETRUTHS is to raise awareness of the real issues of domestic abuse and violence to improve understanding and responses to survivors of domestic abuse.

We are dedicated to helping make change within our local community and within wider society.  This is also achieved through the training and consultancy we provide to professionals across the South West. HOMETRUTHS works with statutory, voluntary and community organisations to provide a joined up response to domestic abuse.

On February 14th we will be hosting a One Billion Rising event to support the end of global violence against women.  Find out more on our One Billion Rising Facebook page:

Join us on 14th February 2014 - this year's theme is rising for justice!

"The most important thing HOMETRUTHS offered me was that very first phone call when I was in bits.  You told me about the situation with so much knowledge and I realised it wasn't my fault.  I do feel I have had all the support you could offer me, all the way through." Gemma - HOMETRUTHS Service User

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